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Immigration & Nationality

RKJ Global represents individuals, employers and institutions in a wide range of immigration and nationality matters, including administrative law and immigration litigation.  We work closely with clients to understand their immigration goals and help shape tailored immigration solutions.

Business Related Immigration

In today’s world, companies routinely send their goods, services, capital and technology across international borders.  And in doing so, need to send their personnel along with.  RKJ attorneys are committed to help clients make that happen.  Our experience in U.S. immigration law spans decades, and our lawyers develop immigration strategies and solutions to reach your U.S. immigration goals.

Immigrant & Non-Immigrant Visa Categories and Relief (non-business)

RKJ attorneys assist clients with other immigration visa categories and filings including Family-related petitions include permanent residency (“green card”) filings, which include I-130/I-485 petitions, I-360 self-petitions, N-400 citizenship petitions, and other forms of available status and/or relief.  Additionally, we handle numerous other visa matters including government and consular visas, religious refugee asylum, J exchange waivers, extensions of status, employment authorization, student and exchange visitor visas and retention of permanent resident status. We have handled numerous Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals matters.

Analyzing and Documenting the Source of Funds in EB-5 Petitions 

Ascertaining, analyzing and documenting the source of funds for an EB-5 investment is a critical step in a successful EB-5 filing.  Perhaps the most critical - in that this area generates a large portion of EB-5 visa denials and RFEs.

Additional Immigration Court Options in Removal Proceedings: Administrative Closure

When a person is placed in removal proceedings (deportation), there are several commonly relied-upon forms of relief, including Asylum & Withholding, Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents...

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