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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency are two of the fastest growing energy sectors throughout the world, playing an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating vital and growing industries.  In addition, constantly advancing technology and widespread governmental commitment are driving both opportunities and job creation as a result.

RKJ Global has developed and directed a boutique renewable energy and energy efficiency practice for over a decade, garnering experience and project successes throughout the solar and energy efficiency markets.  At the forefront of the solar development and energy efficiency retrofit industries, our attorneys work closely with developers, manufacturers, ESCOs, retrofit contractors, supply-chain vendors, investors and lenders across the solar energy and energy efficiency space.  Our experience entails multi-jurisdictional clientele and project-based work throughout the U.S., China, MENA and many other emerging markets. 

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RKJ lawyers regularly represent solar developers on a wide range of development projects, including utility-scale, rooftop and community solar.  We have advised on numerous projects from initial Greenfield developments through consummation of power plant sale transactions.

Energy Efficiency law generally covers methods, regulations and procedures for increasing and promoting efficiency in energy generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption.  Projects generally focus on the reduction of energy consumption in industrial, residential and commercial buildings, power generation plants, transmission and distribution networks and public-sector buildings and structures.

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