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Outbound International Business

A growing number of U.S. businesses are seeking to expand their sales, and discover and enter new markets.  As U.S. goods and services enjoy an extremely favorable image in the foreign marketplace, there exists today - and for the foreseeable future - high market demand for innovative and competitively-priced U.S. goods and services.  RKF attorneys help many U.S. companies find foreign markets ready, willing and able to accept their products and services, through the export of goods and/or services, joint venture and partnership opportunities and investments. 

Outbound export of goods and components often entails establishing foreign sales and marketing, financing transactions, and foreign-based assembly or further manufacturing of the exported goods.   The outbound export of services entails U.S. companies assisting foreign companies, governments and/or individuals with the provision of technical or business advice and consulting or the use of intellectual property, generating consulting and/or licensing revenues in exchange for those services.

In support of outbound international business goals of the client, we provide the following outbound services and assistance:

  • Locating new markets for client products and services

  • Development and structuring of strategic business plans for international expansion

  • Establishment of new foreign entities, including foreign branch offices, and variations of corporations and/or partnerships, including joint ventures

  • Matchmaking as to foreign partners, projects and commercial opportunities

  • Obtaining Foreign Government Incentives

  • Ongoing legal support of international business operations

  • Coordination with foreign legal counsel to assist in establishing and managing overseas facilities, and operations

  • Development, distribution, protection and licensing of intellectual property

  • Compliance with foreign regulatory and legal requirements, including import and visa compliance in the foreign market

  • Compliance with U.S. regulatory export controls

  • Drafting and negotiating international trade and business agreements

  • Due Diligence as to foreign sales agents, distributors and foreign partners

  • Foreign Dispute Resolution (including mediation, arbitration and litigation)

Desarrollo de Proyectos Internacionales

Los abogados de RKF Global tienen una amplia experiencia en la formación y asesoramiento de consorcios mundiales y han trabajado en numerosos proyectos regionales, nacionales e institucionales que involucran complejas viviendas a gran escala, energía tradicional, energía renovable e infraestructura.

RKF Global tiene más de una década de experiencia en desarrollo de proyectos internacionales y ayuda a sus clientes a realizar inversiones transfronterizas, proyectos de desarrollo y / o participación en empresas conjuntas en mercados extranjeros.

En apoyo de los objetivos internacionales de salida del negocio del cliente, ofrecemos los siguientes servicios y asistencia de Desarrollo de Proyectos Internacionales:

  • Cualificación y diligencia del proyecto

  • Construcción de consorcios internacionales

  • Desarrollo de planes estratégicos de proyectos

  • Desarrollador y soporte legal corporativo general

  • Financiamiento de proyectos y desarrollo

  • RFEs y licitaciones gubernamentales / de proyectos

  • Incentivos gubernamentales extranjeros

  • Emparejamiento de socios extranjeros, proyectos y oportunidades comerciales

  • Cumplimiento de los requisitos legales y regulatorios extranjeros, incluyendo el cumplimiento de importación y visado

  • Documentación de transacciones en el extranjero

  • Resolución de Disputas Extranjeras (incluyendo mediación, arbitraje y litigio)

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