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Intellectual Property

As one of the fastest growing fields around the world, Intellectual Property can provide its owners with opportunities to generate revenue, create equity and drive business.  Our attorneys seek to provide clients with helpful insight and legal services designed to register, transfer and protect intellectual property rights and assets.

We work closely with you to develop, protect and monetize your intellectual property assets.

Our attorneys work to advise our clients on how to create, monetize, monitor and protect their IP assets.   


Standard IP Services


Through our Intellectual Property practice area, we collaborate with clients as to the development, acquisition, monetization, and enforcement of intellectual property assets, including:


  • Trademarks

  • Copyrights and digital rights

  • Sourcing

  • Trade secrets protection

  • Trademark and advertising strategies

  • Data privacy and security

  • Licensing

  • IP and Technology transactions


Building IP portfolios


We work closely with clients in assessing their current IP needs, and seek to ways help clients grow and manage their IP portfolios.  As an integrated practice area of RKJ, we coordinate a client’s IP holdings with related fields such as inbound and outbound international business, international trade, government affairs and domestic business and development – all to seek new opportunities for growth and reduce risk.

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